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Bronze Level


Bronze Level

Who it is for

From 16 weeks of age, fully vaccinated dogs, or those with evidence of appropriate titre testing can enrol in class.

What is covered

Week one is a dog-free information session covering basic canine behaviour and learning principles, and specific training skills to take home to practice with your dog in readiness for the following week.

Dogs and guardians will work together throughout the course to establish a bond of mutual trust and respect. As well as teaching behaviours that help to realise a good dog at home, bronze class also covers behavioural information such as body language, environmental enrichment, bite inhibition, socialisation and the prevention of resource guarding.


Course length

Our 9 week course contains 7 weeks of new learning and 2 revision weeks. This allows for the occasional bad weather, when class may be cancelled.

How to complete

Each level requires dogs and guardians to ‘graduate’. This means that certain criteria need to be met before moving on to the next level.

Bronze Exercises

  • Condition the bridge
  • Condition dog’s name
  • Gain dog’s attention
  • Fade the lure
  • Basic hand target
  • Pay the check in
  • Follow me
  • Give/take/exchange
  • Drop
  • Go to place (mat)
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Polite greeting
  • Don’t take that
  • Handling
  • Stay/wait
  • Social interaction
  • Vet examination
  • Settle
  • Food etiquette
  • Tricks
  • Collar grab

Guardian Education

  • Resource guarding
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Canine body language
  • Canine massage
  • Extreme weather
  • Alternative reinforcers
  • Social maturity/socialisation
  • Exercise
  • Consistency
  • Fading the food

Enrol Your Dog

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