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Helpful Information For Dog Guardians

Find resources covering a variety of topics such as barking, children and dogs, dog body language, and puppies.

This list will be updated with more links as they become available.

Recommended Puppy Pre-Schools and Specialty Classes

Not all puppy pre-schools are created equal! We can recommend the following list of puppy pre-schools as we know the instructors and their qualifications. To enrol your puppy in a puppy pre-school, please contact the providers directly.

Recommended Certified Instructors

The following certified instructors offer paid private consultations under their own auspices, not as part of CBS

RSPCA Force Free Trainers List

Alternatively, the RSPCA force-free trainers list has contact information for other trainers who provide private consultations.

Behaviour Veterinarians South Australia

If your dog is displaying behaviour caused by a medical and/or neurological cause rather than a training or environmental cause, we recommend seeing the following list of behaviour veterinarians in South Australia, in order of proximity to CBS.

CBS Timetable

Keep up to date with this years timetable for enrolment and term dates.