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Marjut Mӓenpӓӓ Instructor

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Marjut Mӓenpӓӓ Instructor

Marjut [aka Mariet] has been an instructor for 15 years and has joined CBS as a student before joining CBS’s Aspiring Instructor Program. She has completed the CBS Aspiring Instructor Programme in 2023.

In her capacity as a dog owner, she has ventured into Obedience and Rally Obedience trials, Trick Dog training and more recently Noseworks. A brief attempt with Dancing with Dogs unfortunately unearthed her lack of coordination to music. She shares her home with her dog Nano [Labradoodle] and is very proud of his various awards, which have all gone “straight to the poolroom”.

Marjut willingly admits that her transition from the use of slip collars and formal obedience training methods to using harnesses and force-free training has taken time, but recognises the benefits, including the right to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia.


  • CBS Aspiring Instructor Program