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What happens if it is very hot or very wet?

We have hot and cold weather policies which are outlined here.

Do I have to use food in class?

Food is the easiest reinforcer for us to use in a class situation. However, it is not the only thing you can use.  A toy can be used as positive reinforcement, so too can pats and attention.  However, in such a distracting environment, roast chicken does really well!  A bit like getting a $500 bonus rather than a slap on the back and told you are doing a great job.

How much do classes cost?

  • $125 for the first term (includes your Train at Home Guide)
  • $95 per term thereafter

How many dogs in each class?

Eight dogs with one instructor and at least one assistant

Can my child/children train the dog in class?

Children over 12 years of age may, under adult supervision, and with permission of the class instructor, train a dog in class if certain conditions are met. Please see our Junior Handler Policy.

What training methods are used?

CBS has established itself as a preeminent model of force-free and fear free pet dog training across all breeds and ages of dogs. As the name implies, force and fear free training does not require the use of force, physical strength, intimidation, or punishment. Instead of punishing the things we don’t like, we teach the dog an alternative behaviour and then reinforce for a job well done.

What qualifications do your instructors have?

The range of qualifications of our instructors is vast. See the credentials of our team here. All of our volunteers are also required to attain continuing education points to ensure that we are always teaching best practice methods to our students.

Your classes are full. Do you have a waiting list?

We do not hold a waiting list as such. However, if you sign up here, we will notify you when enrolment opens. Please book early on that day as our classes fill very quickly.

Do you sell harnesses and other dog related products?

Our CBS shop has a range of harnesses, leads, environmental enrichment toys, treat pouches, and treats at very reasonable prices.

What happens if my dog gets it wrong in class?

If your dog gets something wrong, we simply try again. If he still gets it wrong, we will lower our expectations slightly and then reinforce the attempt he is making, helping him build a behaviour with which he and you are comfortable.

What happens if my dog doesn't cope in class?

At CBS we have qualified dog behavioural trainers who will help you if your dog is struggling. If, within the first four weeks of term, and after discussion with you, it is determined that your dog is not suitable for class, there is the possibility of refunding in order to help you with private consultation costs.

Will there be homework?

We are a School so, yes there is homework. We can’t expect our dogs to become really great dogs at home, or in the street or out with the family if we don’t practice with them in all of those situations.

How do I graduate from Bronze to Silver and Silver to Gold?

Each training level has set criteria to be achieved before being able to graduate into the next level. These behaviours are marked off during the term with formal graduation on the last week of term.

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